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Nearly three months ago, I anxiously boarded a plane in Denpasar, Bali, bound to Nairobi, Kenya. All I knew is that my heart has been called to the continent for years, and that I was finally fulfilling some karma by venturing to a small town named Kitale, and helping out the non-profit Organics4Orphans. 

Now, on the last day in Africa, I’m reflecting. 

When I was nine, I was shown a vision of Africa that affected me so powerfully, my #1 ambition has been to travel to the continent. Watching shows like Mighty Joe Young did nothing to deter that passion, and even when times weren’t going so peachy in life, I still had this shiny goal to look forward to.

Traveling to Africa, helping the poor (and yes, we’ve been doing long-term sustainable work), and going on a safari were the last grand (impossible) ambitions I hoped to cross off my vision board. And now I have. 

Now what? In every country I’ve ventured to, I’ve learned some powerful lessons and developed as a human being. 


In Costa Rica, I learned that it’s okay to trust my ambitions, be me, and embrace my spirituality. In Thailand, I learned that contrast is a great teacher and that I must trust that a higher power is in charge of everything – not me. In Cambodia, I learned that there are people who struggle much more in life than I have, yet they’ve still chosen to hold onto hope. In Bali, Indonesia, I realized that there is a movement happening, of grace, space, and humility, that is allowing us to break free from our self-imposed limitations and create better – and be more. 

And, in Africa, I feel like I received the last piece of the puzzle that said, “Okay, you’ve done it. You’ve learned how to be a master of your destiny (manifesting ALL of my wildest dreams). Now, put your lessons to good use and help transform this world.” 

It feels like one life is fading away, and another is beginning. 


Who am I? I’m not the same girl who stepped out of the United States as 19-year-old and never looked back. No, I’m now a 22 – nearly 23-year-old – female who has lived the impossible, spent time in solitude with nothing to experience lack, and now is finding balance by simply ‘being’. 

The lessons, at times, have been hard. But like everything in life, they are working out in my favor. They are working out in ALL of our favor. Subconsciously, we attract exactly what we need to grow and progress. I have always tended to be an all or nothing kind of gal, so harsh times inevitably caught up with me. 

Not now, though. The year of 23, of me returning to University to pursue education which delights me more than anything, of living a simple existence, of writing, creating, and speaking… It will simply flow. 


There is no longer anything to prove to others. I did it! I faced my fears and I am still alive! I’ve helped hundreds of people shift into a better mentality, learn how to create healthy food, and rely on God for the strength to persevere and create magic in life. 

Now, I’m living for ME. The first 23 years of my life… They’ve been epic. And time spent in Africa has been glorious, but it was just a piece of the puzzle. 

There is so much more to experience and create, but now, it will flow from within. I will not need to step out on a plane (though I definitely will continue to travel); I will read a new book or write a novel. I will sit on my meditation cushion or do some yoga while it’s raining. I will paint and walk in the woods. I will cradle a lover or spend time with family, and I will bask in the simplicity. 

In Africa, I resolved once again to be me. And I’m happy for the experience. 


Safaris, volunteering, and exploring aside, Africa was about finding peace within even when little seemed to go my way. 

It has broadened the strings on my heart, it has shown me what needs to be remedied, and it has cleared karma for strength and empowerment to fill so that I can do what I do best: love. 


Thank you for reading this reflection! <3 I love Africa and hope YOU get the opportunity to visit it, as well, if the continent calls to you. xo

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